Owning or managing a rental property in St. George, Utah and area is a major responsibility. Caring for the residential units in a Southern Utah Rental can be time-consuming. Having Jensen Property Management & Leasing manage your property is more than just finding a renter, it also includes Jensen’s vast experience and knowledge for the best renter application screening to connections with excellent licensed contractors and repair technicians in the area that are best suited for the job and the best possible rates. Here is a list of reasons using Jensen to manage your rental would be beneficial:

Tenant Screening

Finding the best qualified tenant is a must.  Extensive background, rental history, references, criminal and credit history is essential.  30 years of experience have taught Jensen Property Management & Leasing all the tricks on tenant screening.

Updating – Remodeling – Refurbishing

As time goes by, normal wear and tear may require some updating.  Jensen Property Management has a list of many licensed contractors who do excellent work at the best possible price that will provide you with bids.  Anything from painting, floor coverings, roofing, plumbing to electrical can be handled for you.     

Proper Tax Accounting

All income and landlord approved expenses are collected and paid via your landlord account with full backup documentation.  These reports are provided to you monthly and you can look up your account in real time anytime you like.  At the end of each year, a full annualized set of financial documents are provided by Jensen Property Management & Leasing that can be easily forwarded to your tax accountant.

Move-In, Move-Out and Periodic Inspections

Another critical aspect of Property Management in St. George, Utah or anywhere are the INSPECTIONS!  Jensen Property Management & Leasing have a staff of experienced inspectors that conduct the Move-In, Move-Out and most importantly the Periodic Inspection.  Ensuring your rental property is properly maintained and kept clean during the occupancy of a tenant is essential in maintaining your rental.

Maximizing Your Return on Your Investment

Professional Property Management helps insure you have a maximum return on your investment in the rental property.  Keeping expenses at a minimum and knowing when the renter is responsible for expenses is an art that 30 years of experience at Jensen Property Management & Leasing have developed.  Property Management is to work for you to protect your asset and maximize your return on investment.

Property Management isn’t easy, but when done correctly it will help you preserve your rental asset and maximize your investment potential. Professional Property Managers will help you keep your property looking nice and functioning efficiently.

Jerry Jensen