Flooring experts believe carpets should be changed every seven years, but not many carpets make it to that timeline, especially in a rental home, so here are some suggestions on how to make carpet last longer in your rentals.

From all manner of trampling, dust, children and pet accidents, carpet is arguably the most heavily used item in the home and requires frequent replacing.

If you hope to keep your rental-home carpeting for more than a few years, here are some steps that will make rental home carpet last longer and help keep your expensive carpeting looking new.

Common Causes of Rental Home Carpet Deterioration

While carpet is not built to last forever, you can extend its lifespan by a couple of years by understanding the common causes of carpet destruction.

  • Lack of consistent cleaning: In most cases, carpet depreciation is usually a result of a lack of consistent vacuuming, or allowing liquid stains to soak in. Poor cleaning habits can turn your rental-home carpet to ruins.
  • Pet-related issues: Pets can be a disaster for rental-home carpets if not properly monitored. They can easily urinate, defecate, spread mud, or chew the carpet.
  • Lack of house rules: The lack of dedicated house rules can lead to rental-home carpet deterioration. Tenants who don’t leave their shoes at the door or clean regularly can cause premature destruction of your rental-property carpet.

4 Ways to Extend Your Carpet’s Life

 No. 1: Regular Vacuuming

Vacuuming is important because there is a lot of dry soil and stains that your carpet can hold even though it isn’t obvious. When this happens, the dirt breaks up the carpet fiber, destroying your carpet in no time. Vacuuming once or twice a week will help you extend your carpet lifespan.

No. 2: Do A Yearly Deep Carpet Cleaning

Since stored dirt can destroy your carpet (or distort its color), getting your rental-property carpets deep-cleaned regularly is important. Annual or bi-annual cleanings will keep the carpet in good shape.

No. 3: Set a strict pet policy

The importance of having a pet policy cannot be stressed nearly enough. While you may allow pets, you need to have a firm stance on what kind of pets they are, whether they’re allowed indoors, and who is responsible for accidents or cleanings.

No. 4: Do Spot Cleaning

The earlier you get to the spill the better!  Even if your rental-home carpet comes with a stain blocker, that doesn’t mean it will block the spill. It only helps you prevent the stain from getting set in and makes it easier to clean. Always blot to clean, never rub or scrub, and don’t over wet the carpet.

In conclusion

By adhering to the above tips, you’re sure to prolong the lifespan of your rental-home carpets, save money on regular carpet replacement, and give your carpet an appealing look.

Jerry Jensen

Jerry Jensen

Jensen Property Management & Leasing