Spring Cleaning Check List

Step 1: Check the irrigation system: Sprinkler heads and drip heads need to be check to see if they are working property. Calcium build up can clog up the system. Check for leaks and broken cracked lines. Reset your irrigation timers for the season.

Step 2: Clean up the yard. Weed control is especially important this time of year. Controlling weeds before they go to seed will help prevent future weeds. Remove clutter and dead branches from the yard. Rake out the flower beds and around bushes and scrubs. Old leaves and dead plants are a good hiding place for bugs and pests.

Step 3: Clean up the exterior of the home. Clean out gutters. Sweep off cobwebs. Remove clutter. Clean up along fence lines. Clean the outside windows. Pressure wash the driveway.

Step 4: Set up your deck/patio. Clear out the old or broken patio furniture. Sweep up the deck/patio. Pull out a cool one and enjoy the rest of the season!

Written By

Lucy Rutner